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2lb Bag of 10-10-10 Fertilizer (Blueberry Blend)
2lb Bag of 10-10-10 Fertilizer (Blueberry Blend)
10 Stevens Cranberry Vines (Plants)

10 Hardy Cranberry Vines.

shipping of cranberry plants will start app. april 15th.- 22nd.


cranberry's grow in a solid mass of vines,4 inches tall & spread up to 3 fet in all directions.

and will shoot off new plants everywhere they come into contact with the soil.

they are most hardy,except that in places that freeze for long periods,they will need to be covered through the winter.

they grow best in zones 3-7 & parts of zone 8.

they live and produce 70 years and longer.

grow best in a sandy soil that is an acid type,with a ph. of 3.5-5.0,and grow best around & right up to any lake-pond- ditch,even a mud hole!

if you have a ditch around or through your fields,then you can raise some wonderful cranberries on this wasted ground all the way to the waters edge!

it's also very easy to grow & care for cranberry's.

just a sprinkel of fertilizer when the blossoms appear,and keep the weeds down.



Nutrients in raw cranberries

NutrientValue per 100 grams


46 kcal

Fiber, total dietary

4.6 g

Sugars, total

4.04 g

Calcium, Ca

8 mg

Magnesium, Mg

6 mg

Phosphorus, P

13 mg

Potassium, K

85 mg

Sodium, Na

2 mg

Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid

13.3 mg

Vitamin A, IU

60 IU

Carotene, beta

36 mcg

Lutein + zeaxanthin

91 mcg

10 Stevens Cranberry Vines (Plants)
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 11 February, 2014.
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